We live in a world with a multitude of voices, cultures and languages. How beautiful is that? How much should we all celebrate that? 


The story of America is complicated and filled with hypocrisy; a nation founded by immigrants, on the land of natives, off the backs of displaced and stolen peoples. 


A republic claiming to want freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all, to welcome the downtrodden and beaten from all other lands.


Immigrants who built this nation, with their beautiful cultures and languages, chose to plant themselves here to build more for themselves and their children. Yet, we relegate their opportunities to one language. We dictate their access to opportunities, programs, sorely needed support by releasing the messaging only in English. 


I know this seems like a heavy topic for a strategies and marketing agency but we are coming to the first point. 

Marketing Campaigns + Communications Need to be Simultaneously Crafted and Released in the Noted Languages of the United States. 

Campaigns can not be released in English first, only to treat the release of translated copy as an afterthought. What hubris! How presumptuous to devalue the multicultural majority. Those who are bilingual still command dollars, my friend—$3.9B buying power to be exact. To disregard these brave and hopeful Americans, is to leave a gap in the market. 


MedinaCiti knows that gaps create opportunity.This is how we make our strategies inclusive of everyone. So, we believe all companies should incorporate a strategy engaging multilingual approaches to the market, to meet them on platforms and outlets that they utilize and are wholeheartedly loyal to! 


Emerging media platforms like telemundo, ( insert Asian media outlets and influencers here ) have staggering numbers, audiences you have yet to market to or make aware of your service line or products. Isn’t that shameful!


We urged you to reconsider your markets, expand your reach but do so with respect and a flexibility to respect everyone’s cultural sensitivities, no one likes someone  to come into the room loud and ignorant. 


Of course you can always tap on our door and we can bridge the gap for you, in any language. 

*The 2020 Census provided language assistance in 59 languages.*