Project Description:  

Believe In a Healthy Newark’s (BIHN) main purpose is to improve Newark residents’ daily lives by initiating a collaborative effort to tackle health on three levels: emotionally, physically, and mentally. BIHN’s roots stem from the New Jersey Health Initiative “Building a Culture of Health in NJ”. 


Develop a web platform that informs the public of BIHN’s multiple initiatives. This goal was underscored by a desire to impact the reluctance communities of color have when offered medical resources, due to their history of trauma with the healthcare system.

Note: BIHN is a coalition of health and wellness leaders, anchor companies and community advocates to support the city of Newark in real ways. The online site allows them to find those resources, to grow their knowledge of healthier options for themselves and their families. During the pandemic a core tool we developed for the site was a vaccination and testing locator, a fully mobile compliant interface this tool allowed the citizens in Newark to find centers easily reachable depending on their current location.


Enhanced the user-experience of their website and increased user traffic at least 30% 

Developed a backend that allowed for quick and easy content updates 

Created a high-impact online locator tool for vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mobile compliance interface allowing Newark residents to find vaccination centers based on their current location