Dr. Pernell Video​

Project Description:

To create a public awareness campaign oriented around a leading voice in preventative medicine and public health. Dr. Chris Pernell has been a trailblazer in educating and advocating in the public health field in communities of color. Our video campaign was focused on amplifying her messages in a campaign focused on providing facts and addressing vaccine hesitancy. 



Architect and produce a series of video segments oriented around the misinformation in the community around COVID-19 vaccination. These short form info sessions were directly targeting the most vulnerable communities during the pandemic. The production framed Dr. Chris Pernell at the center of the segments, her voice, career and community equity would help to give viewers a trusted and authentic source of accurate medical information. 


Create visibility on racial inequity 

Addressed systemic trauma faced by communities of color 

Highlighted a leading voice in Public Health and aligned her brand equity with the campaign. 

Produced and production of authentic community engagement media