Rockefeller Authority

Project Description:

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the community had a devastating impact on black and brown minorities with cases and mortality rates at an alarming amount. The flood of misinformation in the media retrogressed vaccination rates among minorities, making Newark, at the time, one of the cities with lowest vaccination rates in all of NJ. The Newark Equitable Vaccine Initiative is the first-ever fully community-powered campaign to increase access and equity of vaccine distribution in Newark. 


Medina Citi was tasked with creating the campaign branding and design. MC’s digital and print strategy includes social media, moving graphics, flyers, infographics, and advertisements. In addition to that, the strategy also incorporates collaboration from grass roots organizations, nonprofit organizations, and community outreach to maximize reach and brand awareness. 


26,500 print materials produced in Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Kreyol

Local partnerships supported the distribution of 5000 postcards, empowering Newark businesses + residents with Covid-19 information

Mobile Ad Campaign achieving 10.8M impressions over 6 months