As print marketing remains one of the most effective forms of visual communication, generating dynamic designs with selective typography, color theory and layout is essential. Medina=CITI’s expert design team combines this strategy with our impression of your product and company identity to create conceptually unique, innovative print work that captures the attention of your target demographic.

Signage, Posters and Billboards

Marketing collateral

Bus wraps


Logo and identity development


Book covers

Magazine editorial

Promotional materials




Securing a successful web identity requires detailed strategy and execution. You need a team equipped to lead the design, development, information architecture, and optimization of your website through research and beta-testing to assure a quality product.

After assessing your needs, we collaborate with you to develop a powerfully interactive digital experience.The product becomes an authentic, elevated, high-performing platform that services your company’s campaign holisticall


The effective use of social media outlets increases awareness of your brand, product, or event. Managing your social media presence and launching social campaigns across multiple platforms allows you to expand your reach and engage your audience. Need to inform your clients of an Upcoming Event? Experiencing trouble connecting to the target audience? Do you need to attract more users to your site? MEDINA = CITI is able to effectively optimize and amplify your social media influence.”

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin



Tik Tok 

Blog design

App development

Social media campaigns

E-mail newsletter


High resolution 4k quality photography is a must-have for branding success and propelling your project forward. The MC team develops your vision into brand specific post-ready collateral utilizing our state-of-the-art in-house multimedia studio.

Commercial, Editorial and Corporate Photography

Product and Cuisine Photography

Photo retouching and color correction

Photo restoration

Art direction and styling

Event photography



Producing creative video experiences for any social campaign can get complicated. The media team at MEDINA = CITI are experts at turning storyboards into polished pieces. If you’re looking to develop your digital strategy, execute a viral launch or achieve a commercial aesthetic, we promise to produce a concept that speaks to your audience.


Crafting innovative digital marketing strategies in today’s market requires hyper-focused communication techniques and stellar visuals. Most important to a successful campaign is to have an in-depth knowledge of your demographics’ touch points. How do you answer any need or desire without your audience knowing it existed before? Rest assured, MEDINA = CITI will create a custom marketing campaign that will hit the mark with your audience, create waves of change and influence your demographic to take action.”

Branding and logo Design

Asset creation for print and digital media


Strategy is the plan we employ for our clients to win their overall aim. The entire team at MedinaCiti from Marketing to Social teams come together to architect an operation that will achieve a win, whether it is a social impact initiative or political campaign we can research, bring together special interest groups and outline the options and outcomes for our clients.

Strategic Council

Recon and Development 

Community Engagement


Key Message development 

Touchpoint isolation