The Power of the Year end wrap up and the 2023 vision

The power of a year in wrap up

Sometimes Looking Back Can Help You Look Forward

At the end of the year, we are afforded a small space of time to reflect on what the year has been. We then have a moment of clarity where we can see the goals for the coming year and just like that your year of accomplishments are gone! But don’t fret! You still have time to hone your vision of the future by telling the story of the year that you have had. Here are some ways to showcase your year to your audience, to stakeholders or potential clients.

End of Year Report

The end of year report is perhaps one of the most traditional formats to share the hard work and impact your company has done. It holds a table of contents that varies from: a message from the President/CEO, to impact reporting, statistics, a board of trustees message, to spotlighting big wins. Bloomberg does a truly remarkable job of distilling their impact into a cohesive narrative. There is also a great aspect to their year-end report that features video as well.

Top Hits 

If the traditional route isn’t for you, you could always approach the public with the work you are most proud of in the year! Just like the Spotify Wrap-Up, which highlights a user’s Top Songs throughout the year and share that, you can also do a great quick countdown of your company’s milestones. This can be sent out in your newsletters, posted on social media, be attached to new year proposals or even with leave behinds!

Online Report 

A digital presence can align with your company brand. Foleon is an amazing platform that helps to create an online experience for your end of year report. This can create a dynamic aspect to your presentation of stats and facts, the polish on the way the information is laid out really could impress your audience.


Check out the DWP Bank Report as an example

Or maybe check out the End of Year Report our team did for =SPACE !  

Whether online or printed, an end of year report becomes a chapter to look back on in the story of your business. It is a way to see the growth and direction you are moving towards. I encourage all of my clients to look through their milestones and to write a testimony to their vision. This will drive the focus of your company forward. Whether it’s about your services offered, products or social impact initiatives, I want you to have focus, because all of us know that the year can be unpredictable, but we can make it through with vision and commitment